IFS and BRC international certifications successfully renewed

Last March 29, 30 and 31, 2021, in Gastraval we have successfully renewed with the highest qualifications the international IFS and BRC certifications, which accredit the quality and food safety system characteristic of our company.

At Gastraval we consider both standards as the basic pillars to be able to combine the traditional preparation of our products with a food safety that guarantees their quality, and consequently the satisfaction of all our customers.

Since 2010, in Gastraval we have been committed to both quality standards, surpassing ourselves year after year, which has allowed us to develop a product where exquisiteness, quality and food safety are the basic ingredients of traditional paellas.


Gastraval, a young, innovative and traditional company, has once again surpassed two essential standards in the food sector.

The demands made on our suppliers, the commitment, dedication and qualification of all the staff that make up the company and the commitment of the Management have allowed Gastraval to successfully reach its goal:

To produce the best paella and other products related to Valencian Gastronomy, following the highest quality standards in each and every one of our processes.


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