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Ready in 2 minutes!

Our refrigerated product offers a wide variety of flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine after only 2 minutes of microwave or frying pan. Whichever, any day of the week.

Chicken and vegetables paella – Valencian Paella.

Rice, chicken, green bean, white bean.

Peeled Seafood paella.

Rice, peeled shrimp, squid.

Chicken and Seafood paella – Mixed paella.

Rice, chicken, peeled shrimp, squid, mussel, red pepper, peas.

Seafood Fideuá.

Thin pasta, peeled shrimp, squid, mussel.

Seafood paella with squid ink – Black rice.

Rice, peeled shrimp, squid, squid ink.

Chicken and chorizo paella – Iberian paella.

Rice, chicken, chorizo, white bean, green bean, zucchini, red pepper.

Vegan paella.

Rice, zucchini, spinach, cauliflower, artichoke, carrot, green bean, spring garlic, mushroom, peas.

Oven baked rice.

Rice, pork rib, chickpeas, blood sausage, sausage, potato, garlic.