Our products are the basis of success for professionals and companies in the hotel, restaurant or catering services for groups all around the world who rely on us.

Our products allow you to offer your customers the true taste of paella and original Valencian rice 100% guaranteed, traditional and homemade.

We have solutions so that you can customize the paella with your professional style, with semi-finished products to which you can bring your differentiation.

All our rice dishes and products can be prepared in a maximum of 8 minutes, both in the oven and on the stove.

We can offer a long shelf life of our products (up to one year) so that you always have stock and can offer quality paella and rice to your customers.



Download this sheet where we explain in a very practical way how to serve our products, guaranteeing the 100% authentic taste of Valencian rice.


Get to know all the technical details in our HoReCa catalog.

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