How are our rice dishes made?

For over 35 years we have been offering our customers authentic Valencian rice dishes of supreme quality.

Our process of handmade paella and rice dishes has evolved over time, maintaining the tradition and flavor of the authentic Valencian paella



Our products are prepared with natural raw materials and broths.


We prepare our rice in the Albufera of Valencia, the cradle of rice.

Traditional preparation

The rice is cooked by the best professionals in the traditional paella pan

Passed down from generation to generation, we maintain the traditional recipes and methods to prepare our rice dishes. The spirit and commitment of our parents and grandparents are reflected in the products that we offer today with great affection for our customers.

We prepare our rice dishes with fresh products from the Valencian and Mediterranean orchards, as well as selected Iberian meats, which allows us to achieve the most authentic flavors of Valencia and Spain.

For many years we have had a team of professionals who prepare the best Valencian rice dishes that you can enjoy in the traditional paella pan.

paella con fumet

Our preparations are made in the factory in the traditional way, respecting the necessary steps for an authentic paella, and with the most characteristic utensils in the cooking process. And the difference is noticeable.

Our products are packaged in multiple custom-made formats and distributed under the best quality and food safety conditions, as demonstrated by the international certifications that endorse us.

In addition, we distribute our paellas through all sales channels: HoReCa, retail, delivery, etc. And we are in all supermarkets!

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