An historical tradition

Valencian paella emerged in the rural areas of Valencia between the XV and XVI centuries, due to the need of peasants and shepherds for a meal that was easy to prepare and with the ingredients they had on hand in the countryside.

Poultry, rabbit or hare, fresh vegetables, rice, saffron, olive oil, etc. Everything was mixed in a paella pan with a little water and cooked slowly over a wood fire with orange tree branches, which at the same time gives flavor and a characteristic aroma.

Since then, paella and Valencian rice dishes have become a world-famous dish that today is even a tourist attraction for the millions of people who visit Valencia.

We were born as a family company of Valencian origin, with more than 35 years of experience in the handmade production of prepared and semi-prepared rice, and we have become the leading company in the preparation of top quality rice with an international focus

At Gastraval we have taken the recipe of the authentic paella, handed down from generation to generation, to make top quality rice dishes cooked according to the Valencian tradition available to everyone worldwide.

Our facilities are equipped with the most modern technology, under the supervision of a committed work team, which is in charge of developing traditional and healthy products.

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