Gastraval’s experience at the Anuga 2021 trade show

So where do Gastraval’s rice dishes, recipes and artisanal products come from? From the Spanish palates we took them to the city of Cologne to participate in the recent Anuga 2021 fair. A highly acclaimed fair in the food sector where we presented our wide range of products and performed a showcooking with our best ingredients and professionals. In addition, we were able to exhibit our wide variety of Mediterranean products ranging from Valencian paella to vegetable paella, including fideua, black rice, baked rice, arroz a banda and a long etcetera. It makes your mouth water just reading about it, right? Imagine tasting it… That’s why all the customers, exhibitors and participants who visited our stand and showcooking at Anuga left with the following comments.

anuga 2021

Gastraval’s showcooking

If you have never heard of showcooking, now is the time. It has become a trend in the world of cooking, a gastronomic show where the experienced chef is dedicated to making dishes live for diners. That’s what we did at the Gastraval stand, bringing our best cooking professionals to show attendees the potential of the most typical recipes of the Valencian Community, as well as the ease of preparation of the products cooked by Gastraval since its inception in the Albufera of Valencia, the cradle of rice worldwide.

showcooking en anuga 2021

The showcooking took place during the 5 days of the fair, from Saturday October 9th to Wednesday October 13th, and during these days the paellas that were mainly made were:

  • Valencian Paella
  • Iberian Paella
  • Vegan Paella
  • Black rice
  • Senyoret rice
  • Mixed Paella

Gastraval’s stand was a success and we were the only ones in our pavilion that cooked live. This attracted a lot of attention from all visitors and made possible one of our main objectives during the fair: to make our product known to as many people as possible.

showcooking de paella gastraval en feria anuga 2021

Our products at Anuga

Gastraval presented several products at the recent Anuga 2021 fair, both frozen, refrigerated and shelf-stable products. Each one of them handcrafted and traditionally made with ingredients from the Valencian Region.

Within frozen products, the most popular products were the:

  • Multi-ration Range
  • 325 g range
  • 250 g microwaveable Gastraval range (coming soon on the blog)

In refrigerated products, the most demanded were the:

  • Gastraval 325 g range

And within the shelf-stable products, the star was:

  • The 2×1, which we presented as a new product at the Fair (coming soon on the blog)

comiendo paella de showcooking en anuga 2021

Spain’s Ambassador to Germany visited us

We at Gastraval had the pleasure of receiving in our stand at Anuga the Spanish Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Ricardo Martínez Vázquez, along with his team and other representatives, who held several meetings with our general manager and our commercial director. In addition, and most importantly, they were able to taste the authentic Gastraval paella, a flagship product of Spanish gastronomy that we prepare together with other rice dishes in a traditional way in the Albufera of Valencia and that we offer in different formats and presentations for the Retail and HoReCa channel.

All in all, we can say that this experience at the Anuga fair a big success for Gastraval. If you were not able to come and visit us and you would like to try some of our rice and paella dishes, you can see the products we offer here.



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