Gastraval expands its range with a new line of ready-to-eat products

The leading Valencian brand in rice and paella is committed to a range of ready-to-eat packaged dishes, with a total of nine suggestions ready to be enjoyed anywhere.

Each of these products are handmade at Gastraval’s facilities in Albufera and are packaged at the right time to maintain the maximum flavor.

With this new proposal, Gastraval seeks to adapt to new customers, offering dishes of the highest quality, reducing the effort of preparation to a minimum. While at the same time, maintaining its already recognized commitment to quality and innovation.

Thus, this new catalog is composed of nine products, which comprise:

· Paella Valenciana – Valencian Paella

Because there will always be someone who opts for the traditional, Valencian paella should not be absent from any shelf. We use fresh local ingredients to maintain its flavor and to be a true Valencian paella, like the traditional ones.

productos envasados paella valenciana

· Fideuá Senyoret – Seafood Paella cooked with pasta

The typical fideuá recipe ready to eat, a dish with origins in Gandía, but with an incredible national fame. With peeled prawns, mussels without shells, cuttlefish cut into small pieces, and the best Gastraval broth.

productos envasados fideuá

· Arroz al horno – Rice baked in the oven

An exquisite rice cooked in the oven with pork ribs, chickpeas, blood sausage, longaniza sausage, potato and garlic, cooked in the typical clay pot inside the oven.

productos envasados arroz al horno

· Paella Mixta – Mixed Paella

The perfect combination of sea flavors and fresh vegetables. A paella with chicken, shrimp, squid, mussels, peppers and peas.

productos envasados paella mixta

· Arroz Negro – Black Rice

An authentic rice, with the essence of squid ink and its special flavor, ready to eat.

productos envasados arroz negro

· Arroz a Banda – Rice cooked in fish stock

The traditional rice of the coastal area of Alicante, made with typical products of the Mediterranean Sea and a homemade broth of assorted fishes.

productos envasados arroz a banda

· Paella de Verduras – Vegetable Paella

Proving that a great taste can also be achieved without meat, we offer a delicious vegetable paella cooked with the freshest ingredients.

· Paella Ibérica – Iberian Paella

A paella with the ingredients that internationally characterize our peninsula, made with rice, chicken, spicy sausage and ribs, for meat lovers.

productos envasados paella ibérica

· Arroz Tres Delicias – Three Delights Rice


A very popular rice all over the world that will also find its place on the shelves, this delicious rice is cooked with peeled shrimp, onion, ham, carrots and peas.

Our packaging

Designed to be consumed at any time and any place, this new line of products is specially designed for individual consumption. We offer our products with the perfect packaging to maintain the quality of our dishes.

In addition, these are distributed under the best quality conditions. Thus, we have several international quality certifications that guarantee the production and distribution process, such as IFS and BRC certifications.

Very soon you will be able to enjoy all these varieties in the best food distribution channels, so that at any time you can enjoy the most authentic Gastraval rice in a matter of minutes.

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