Gastraval is committed to internationalization and research as the cornerstones of its growth.

Born as a small family business with the aim of enjoying the authentic Valencian paella at any time and in any place, in just over 30 years we have become a world leader supplier of broth and ingredients for the preparation of paella that is ‘ready to eat’.

Africa, America, Asia, Europe… even Australia. Gastraval products can now be tasted in the five continents thanks to the firm commitment to internationalization that we have based in Catarroja, in the heart of the Albufera of Valencia.

With the same spirit that Valencian farmers, in the early twentieth century, took their paellas from one place to another of The Albufera, now Gastraval has managed to distribute it to every corner of the world.

Research, synonymous with quality

In addition to its international distribution strategy, Gastraval maintains a total commitment to research, a differentiating factor especially to offer its customers the highest quality in its products.

For this reason, our company’s facilities in Catarroja (Valencia) are equipped with the most modern technologies in the market.

It should be noted, in turn, that among our projects, we are making various investments in our process of continuous improvement and commitment to bring the authentic Valencian paella to all corners of the world.

The quality of our rice products is monitored on a daily basis, and is corroborated by organoleptic and microbiological analysis, in addition to having suppliers and providers of the best raw materials in order to obtain the best end product.

For all these reasons, Gastraval invests a large amount of its profits every year in its quality and R&D&i department to continue being the world’s leading brand in ‘ready-to-eat’ paellas and rice dishes.

And of course, we will continue with our efforts to conquer the five continents.



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