The Albufera, the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean
Our facilities are located in the Albufera of Valencia (Spain). This magical and beautiful place is a treasure of nature, declared a Natural Park in 1986, and has been a rice cultivation area since time immemorial due to its unique characteristics. A small freshwater sea located less than 10 kilometers from the center of Valencia and a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, where flora, fauna and man coexist in harmony.
The cradle of the rice
Talking about the Albufera is synonymous with talking about rice. This place inspires us to cook the best rice dishes so that our customers can experience the taste and aroma of the best paella anywhere in the world.
A benchmark of spanish gastronomy
We take the authentic traditional Valencian paella to every corner of the globe. A product that is part of the gastronomic heritage of the Valencian Community and Spain. A 100% authentic paella that is enjoyed all over the world thanks to the techniques used in our preparation, packaging and distribution process.


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