How to prepare an authentic Valencian Paella

Valencian paella is the most internationally recognized dish of Spanish gastronomy. Present in the menu of most restaurants and a whole way of life for Spanish citizens, and why not say it, also in the world

There are many rice dishes and many varieties… and also different ways to make it. Of course, at Gastraval we are committed to tradition, to the inheritance we have received from the master rice cooks, to respect a recipe that has been with us for centuries and that we have been perfecting over time. And a recipe that we share with our customers.

Preparing a good paella requires technique and time. But to enjoy the authentic Valencian paella, it is not necessary to be a chef with several Michelin stars, or even have advanced knowledge of cooking (like everything in gastronomy, it is cooked according to taste).

Because Gastraval’s recipe is shared with all those who like to enjoy a rice with a Mediterranean flavor, straight from the Albufera, and cooked by master rice cooks, who invest the necessary preparation time so that you only have to do a minimum amount of work, customize it to your liking, and you can serve it to your guests or enjoy it yourself.

What are the ingredients of an authentic Valencian paella?

The Valencian paella recipe is made with the most traditional, fresh and Mediterranean ingredients, where we have chicken, vegetables, green beans and butter beans. Don’t you know what this is? Well, the butter bean is the truly differential legume of the rice cooks. It is a typical Valencian vegetable that cannot be missing in this dish.

It also incorporates a sauté with a little virgin olive oil and a homemade broth made in our facilities.

How is it prepared?

A quality semi-finished product always leaves you a margin for adjustment. In this case you decide if you want a more finished product, or rely on our broths and preparations, which will take less time, but always with a result of 10/10.

To do this you can put the ingredients in a paella pan and cook it in the oven or on a traditional fire. Depending on the type of oven it will be one minute up or down at 170 degrees, but in both cases you will always have to make sure that all the liquid has been absorbed. We will take out the paella and we will see how it has a perfect cooking, with a very home-made look.

In the case of our products in a tray, these are preparations ready to be at their optimum cooking point after the process.

How long does it take to prepare?

In the catering sector, a Gastraval paella can be prepared in just 8 minutes, while in the retail channel our products are heated in 2 minutes to be ready and with 100% flavor.

Large food chains, catering establishments and collectives rely on our broths and our preparations, which prestigious chefs can update and customize, maintaining the traditional flavor with which it was originally prepared.

Because the real difference of Gastraval is that all its dishes are prepared in a traditional paella pan, with fire and respecting each and every one of the steps required to get the authentic Valencian paella.

We can say that the first 30 minutes of preparation are already invested by us and you finish it off, taking all the credit!

So, remember the name Gastraval. We guarantee you a different kind of pleasure, which will transport you to our paella pans in the middle of the Albufera. Let’s go!



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